Benjamin Creme speaks at the United Nations

During his lecture tour of the United States in July 2006, Benjamin Creme spoke in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium at the United Nations, New York, at the invitation of the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. The following is an excerpt from his talk on the role of the United Nations.

… Maitreya has a task: His main task is to show humanity how to live together in peace. It is so simple – it requires only to share the resources of the world. Sharing is the key. In one stroke, when we accept the principle of sharing, we will create the trust which is needed for all other action. When trust has been established, the other problems will dissolve and fade away. Goodwill, born of trust, makes the solving of these difficulties simple acts of common sense.

We are waiting for Maitreya. Maitreya is waiting for the soul of America to express itself, and when the soul of America does express itself it will inaugurate the principle of sharing and will become the beneficent sharer of all its resources. America has lost its way. It is adrift. It is not the only nation that is adrift, but it has much to give the world, and indeed has given the world. Today its soul is waiting to be invoked so that it can lead the way to sharing and justice and liberty. Governments, politicians, always talk about liberty, but where is the justice? We never hear about justice. Russia used to talk about justice but never of freedom. You can’t have justice without freedom, you can’t have liberty without justice. They are one and the same. Maitreya comes to teach this, to show us that without one you cannot have the other. They are both divine concepts, leading humanity forward into the future. That future is more wonderful, more glorious, than anything you can imagine, but requires the decision of humanity to share to bring it about.

Sharing is the key to all. Some nations, some people, find it the hardest of all to do. I know many people who agree with everything I say except the idea about sharing. They cannot see that it is the key, the core of the problem of humanity. We have to see ourselves as one, brothers and sisters of one humanity, and therefore to do what a family does: share the resources. Today, as you know – this is the United Nations, you know the facts – you know that millions of people are starving to death in a world of plenty. Thirtyfive thousand people die every day of starvation in a world overflowing with food, with a huge surplus per capita. Why do the nations not see this? They don’t see it because they are complacent, greedy, selfish and ignorant. Complacency makes for ignorance.

Humanity has to wake up. Maitreya comes to waken humanity and to guide us out of this morass into which we have fallen. He comes to show that there is a simple way, a simple path: to share and create justice. Then wars will cease. Then terrorism will be no more. You cannot fight a war against terrorism. There are millions of new terrorists springing up every month, because of injustice, because of their sense of grievance, of poverty, of misuse. That is what makes for terrorism. You have to seek the cause of terrorism. It is a canker, an abomination, but it has a cause, and that cause is the injustice in the world. And it is caused by the developed nations of the world, the G7 or G8 nations, who think they own the world. No nation, no one nation, owns the world. No one group of nations owns the world, or can tell the world what to do. The world has its own destiny and that destiny it will carry out under the inspiration and guidance of Maitreya and His group of Masters.

I would just like, if there is time, to read you some of the things Maitreya and my Master have said about the United Nations. First of all, from the Teachings of Maitreya, The Laws of Life.

“The United Nations will become the most powerful political force in the world. It will be the agency through which all major international problems will be resolved.” (Maitreya, Share International, Sep 1989)

“The United Nations is the seed of the World Parliament. This is a gradual process. It does not mean national parliaments will disappear, but there will be co-operation between world and national parliaments.” (Maitreya, SI, Jul/Aug 1991)

My Master has written an article for our magazine Share International every month for years, and He has written about the United Nations more than 150 times. He calls the United Nations “the hope of the world”.

“The UN is destined to lead the world out of its present precarious imbalance and to act as the sounding chamber for the thoughts and aspirations of the peoples of the world.” (‘The changing role of the United Nations’, an interview with Benjamin Creme’s Master by Patricia Pitchon, SI, Jul/Aug 1991)

“The United Nations Organization has formulated a code of human rights which, if implemented, would go far to resolve the existing social tensions, and to provide the basis for a just and stable society. So far, this Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains but a dream for millions of dispossessed and disenfranchised people in every country in the world. The aim must be to establish, with all possible speed, these basic rights in all nations.
“With the acceptance of the principle of sharing this becomes possible. No longer need men fight for the right to work, to feed their families, for a measure of control over their destinies. At a stroke, the acceptance of sharing will heal the divisions, end the confrontations and cure the malady of the present situation, leading men out of the morass in which they have foundered. Make sharing then the goal of your endeavour. Show that the world now needs, more than ever in its history, the establishment of this just and basic principle, through the acceptance of which alone man will find and demonstrate his divinity.” (From ‘Human rights’, SI, Jul 1984)

“Shortly, from the blueprint of the future now descending, will precipitate the forms of the new civilization. Each nation has a part to play, bringing to the structure of the Whole its own particular voice. In this, the United Nations will play a vital role, co-ordinating the plans for reconstruction and redistribution. Even now, despite the limitations imposed on it by the major powers, the contribution to world peace made by the United Nations is great. Its agencies educate and bring succour to millions in many lands. As a forum for world debate its position is unique and priceless. Sad would be the day and great would be the loss to humanity were the nations to lose faith in this institution, central as it is to the working out of the Divine Plan.” (From ‘The emergence of great servers’, SI, Apr 1986)

“The world is deeply indebted to the many United Nations agencies whose careful, selfless work goes steadily on amid the rhetoric and bravado of the power-drunk politicians. The time is fast coming when men will realize that the needs of the world are the needs of men and women everywhere: for food and work, for healthcare and education. These are the priorities which should guide men’s actions and engage their energy and resource. These are the perennial needs of all; humanity neglects them at its peril.
“Specialist non-governmental groups likewise add their insights and researches, awakening men to the dangers in the headlong rush to further abuse this already ailing planet.
“Many see who erstwhile did not. Many walk who formerly sat and watched their brothers run and play. For the first time in their lives, the world is full of hope for many who suffered in silence.
‘To these quiet and patient ones, life is opening its windows, letting in the sunshine and fresh air. Through the work of the many agencies new, invigorating energy now flows, and the people respond and rejoice. These, the servers, are the true heroes of this time. Not those who drop the bombs from the high clouds but those who sense the needs of their brothers and sisters, and act, no matter the cost.” (From ‘A saner view of life’, SI, Jan/Feb 2003)

“The United Nations is, of course, the forum in which the voice of the smaller nations can be raised and heard. This is only possible when the Security Council, with its arbitrary veto, is abolished. It has outlasted its usefulness and must soon give way to a United Nations Assembly free of the abuses of power and veto.
“Then will we see the nations acting without restraints imposed by Great Power veto and financial inducement. Those who call loudest for democracy in foreign lands are strangely blind to its absence in the halls of the United Nations.
Men must come to realize that the people of all the nations are one and equal, dependent each upon the other. No one nation owns, nor can rule, the world. No one nation can stand alone against the rest. The days of empire and dominion are past. Man is on the threshold of a new understanding of his role on planet Earth. This involves a change in his relationship to his fellow travellers on the path to wisdom and true stewardship of the planet’s bounty.”
(From ‘The Brotherhood of man’, SI, Oct 2005)

Benjamin Creme speaking at the United Nations